10 Best Throwing Knives in 2021 – Our Thorough Guide & Reviews

Demand for the best throwing knives has gone up significantly as more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. Nowadays you’re going to find a lot of these throwing knives online, but which ones are the most effective? What we’ve done is go through the various knives online and narrow it down to the best so you can pick and choose.

Best Throwing Knives for that Perfect Throw

Gil Hibben Cord GripGil HibbenMid Range
Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder BoltPerfect PointLow End
Smith & Wesson SWTK10CPSmith & WessonMid Range
Whetstone Cutlery S-Force Kunai KnivesWhetstone CutleryLow End
Cold Steel 80PGTK GI TantoCold SteelLow End
United Cutlery GH2033 Gil HibbenUnited CutleryHigh End
United Cutlery UC2772United CutleryMid Range
Aeroblades Throwing Knife SetAerobladesLow End
SOG F041TN-CP Throwing KnivesSOGMid Range
Perfect Point PP-28-3BKPerfect PointLow End

Gil Hibben Cord Grip

Editor Rating:

The Hibben knife is built from 420 J2 stainless steel, something you’d expect from high quality knives.

It is finely balanced and at 6.4 ounces is light to carry. The knife is 8 5/8″ long and the design provides beginners with the opportunity to learn how throwing knives work and develop a style. A bit expensive, but worth every penny.

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Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife

Editor Rating:

The Thunder Bolt throwing knife set comes with three knives, each 5-1/2-inches long. 

The knives are well-made and the fine balance results in solid throws. These throwing knives are light and the silver stainless steel blades are built to last. The handles on each knife have an elastic wristband and nylon sheath for convenient transport.

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Smith and Wesson SWTK10CP

Editor Rating:

The Swtk10cp is one of the best throwing knives for the money as they’re military grade and made for self-defense. 

Made of 2Cr13 High Carbon Steel, the edges on the tip and sides are razor sharp and will really hurt. At 7.3 ounces and 10 inches long, this throwing knife was designed to reduce weight and be thrown quickly. Bottom line: this is a weapon.

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Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives

Editor Rating:

Part of the Whetstone premium Ninja set, these throwing knives have been honed to perfection that results in accurate throws. 

The 12 piece set also comes in a nylon case so you can carry it with you. As far as performance is concerned the knives don’t disappoint as they’re sharp, accurate and make their mark.

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Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto

Editor Rating:

Check out the best throwing knives reviews and the Cold Steel Tanto is bound to be mentioned there. 

The Tanto is 12 inches long with a 7 inch blade that can be utilized as a hatchet and for other tasks. The central balance might throw off beginners at first, but it’s a great feature that lets you throw the knife from the handle or the blade with precision. Made of 1055 carbon, the blade is quick to sharpen too.

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United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben

Editor Rating:

These knives are for advanced users, evidenced by the lack of a handle grip, yet the design allows users to experiment with different throwing styles. 

Weighing in at 13 ounces and 12 1/8 inches long, the knife has a slow spin that takes full advantage of its design. With a 420 stainless steel blade, this knife is resistant to rust and easy to use.

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United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai

Editor Rating:

United is known for making some of the best throwing knives, and the UC2772 knife is no exception.

The blade is made of AUS-6 stainless steel and at 8 ounces, strikes the perfect balance between weight and precision. At 12 inches long the knife is a bit longer than others, but it helps with the balance.

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Aeroblades Throwing Knife Set

Editor Rating:

Each knife is 5.5 inches long with a 2.5 inch blade, and what it may lack in size it more than makes up for in accuracy. 

The stainless steel blades are very sharp and the uniform weight distribution makes it ideal for throwing.

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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F041TN-CP Throwing Knives

Editor Rating:

With a 4.4 inch blade and 10 inches overall, the SOG Specialty Knives are ideal for beginners as they’re easy to throw and practical to use. 

Each knife also has black coating protection that makes them resistant to scratching, and they are finely balanced as well.

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Perfect Point PP-28-3BK

Editor Rating:

If you’ve been searching for the best throwing knives 2021, don’t be surprised if the Perfect Point makes the list. At 6.5 inches long and 5 oz. it is one of the smallest, great if you want to boost your throwing speed. 

When it comes to self-defense, the knife works best if your attacker is close by, as the blade is sharp and has a fast spin. Lastly, the wrapped handles make them ideal for beginners to use.

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Why a Throwing Knife?

As stated above, a throwing knife is an effective weapon for self-defense, and in many cases it’s faster to throw a knife than draw, aim and shoot with a gun. But aside from self-defense, these knives are also useful for hunters and quickly becoming a popular hobby. There are now even throwing knife competitions, and that should give you an idea of how popular they are.

Features to Look For

There are different types of throwing knives, and how you intend to use it will dictate what you’ll buy.

Full Tang Body

Generally you will want a full tang knife where the blade and handle are in one piece: compared to half and partial tang, a full tang is more durable and safer as there’s no chance the blade will get loose.

Blade Design, Length and Weight

The blade edge needs to be sharp so it pierces the target, and it should slide off your fingers smoothly.

The knife should be light and the weight distributed evenly between the back and front so you can throw with precision. Everyone has their own idea of how light a throwing knife should be, so find one you’re comfortable with.

The right length also varies per individual, but heavy, long knives are easier to throw and hit much harder, but the range is restricted. A small throwing knife can be thrown much further, but it requires more practice.

Types of Throwing Knives

One of the most common misconceptions is assuming any knife can be used effectively as a throwing knife, but that’s not true. There are a lot of throwing devices that may be included here like the shuriken and tomahawk, but if you’re a beginner you should familiarize yourself with the following.

Blade Heavy Throwing Knife

The blade of this throwing knife is heavier than the handle. When using this knife, you should hold the handle while throwing because you’ll want the heaviest end hurled first. Knives with a blade heavy edge are suitable for beginners as it simplifies learning of various throwing techniques.

Handle Heavy Throwing Knife

This is the opposite of the blade heavy throwing knife as weight is concentrated on the handle. In this case you’ll want to throw the knife in such a way the handle will go first. Handle heavy knives are ideal for advanced knife throwers, but beginners may have a difficult time as you need to hold the blade when throwing.

Balanced Throwing Knife

A balanced throwing knife is precisely that, balanced. Whereas the previous types put more weight on the handle or blade, the gravity center of a balanced throwing knife is in the middle. With a balanced knife you can throw holding either the handle or blade and it won’t affect performance.

Because they’re balanced, it’s easier to predict the rotation on these knives, but there are some newbies who have a difficult time with these. In terms of flexibility however, these are the best.

Throwing Knife for Beginners

The quickest way to learn to throw a knife is to use the Hammer Grip. As the name suggests, you hold the knife like a hammer, with your dominant hand wrapped around the knife’s handle and your thumb resting on top.

Stand about 10 feet from the target. If you’re right handed, place your right foot back and left foot forward so your feet are at an angle of 45 degrees. Bend your knees and make certain you are stable.

Position your left hand like it is aiming at the target. Bring up the knife above your head, making sure that it is straight. Now throw the knife and move your weight as the knife flies. To improve your aim and throw, make adjustments to your throw and timing.


So there you have it, the best throwing knives today. No single one of the knives in our list can be said to better than the other as they’re all exceptional. As long as you learn how to throw a knife then you’ll find them very useful in any number of situations.

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