Best Magnetic Knife Holder in 2021 – Detailed Reviews

A magnetic knife holder is a nice, handy tool when it comes to organizing the knife collection that we have. The knife holder enables us to keep the knives we have in a highly organized …

A magnetic knife holder is a nice, handy tool when it comes to organizing the knife collection that we have. The knife holder enables us to keep the knives we have in a highly organized fashion. You will never lose your nail-cutters again. It also keeps you off from cramming all your knives in the kitchen drawer like most people do. If you are a food enthusiast like me and like to cook and experiment with new dishes, you would want your knives exactly where you need them. Another thing which fascinates me about the knife holder is the ease with which I can install it and how little space it takes.

The main problem that we often face with knives is that we often lack a proper place to store them. We end up putting it stuffed in our drawers. I, like many others, have cut my finger trying to take one knife out of the drawer, with it being stuffed in with many others things. Another problem the households with kids generally face is keeping the knives out of the reach of children. The knife holder comes in very handy in these cases, helping us storing all our knives and other metallic utensils in a very organized way. The magnet which is generally used to make a standard magnetic knife holder is neodymium magnet.

Reviews of the Best Magnetic Knife Holders of 2021

Culina 10” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

This stylish yet easy to use knife holder rocks a stainless steel frame. The thing which impressed me the most about this holder is the magnetic strips. This ensures that even your heaviest of knives would not fall off when you mount it. You can expect a strong and even magnetic pressure holding your knives together safely. It does not have grooves and or scratching blades, hence it will not make your knife dull and will also not catch dirt and crumbs. The mounting mechanism of this knife holder is very user-friendly, and it comes with mounting hardware. I absolutely love this holder, and the only complaint that you are likely to have is that it could have been slightly bigger.

Ounona Magnetic Knife Holder

According to me, the best-looking knife holder out there. With Ounona Knife Holder, you get a perfect mix of style and utility. This knife holder is 16” long, and hence, it gives you enough space. The stainless steel knife holder comes with a promise of being time durable and dust resistant. Another feature of this product is that you get 6 hooks which definitely is an added bonus, you can hang or hold spoons, ladles, measuring cups using them. The hooks don’t come pre-installed, hence you can mount as many out of six as you like. The installation process of this is very easy, you just need a screwdriver. It comes with 2 screws. The magnetic strip is undoubtedly the USP of the product. It was very sturdy, and I could mount as many knives I needed. Users like me who have different kinds of knives this comes as a perfect fit as I no longer have to reach the drawer every time I need one if my knives.

Magnabode Magnetic Knife Strip

Another great looking knife holder in this list. If you don’t like bulky things in the kitchen, this item definitely makes the cut. This product comes with the promise of having a very strong magnetic strip. I would agree with that. Even my heaviest of knives were just fine when mounted on it. I have used it for some time and must say that it is very sturdy in its built. This product is surely going to last you a long time. It is 16” long, which means it gives you enough space to store your knives.

I found the installation quite simple. It hardly took me 10-15 minutes to set this whole thing up. You can never have enough counter space in your kitchen and this product definitely provides a good alternative to that. You can attach it to your fridge, wall or any cupboard for that matter. Another good thing about this product is that it is dust resistant and every easy to clean. The stainless steel build also ensures that this knife holder is corrosion resistant.

Ouddy 16 inch Magnetic knife holder

Another great product in this list comes from Ouddy. This 16-inch knife holder is a real treat to the eyes with its sleek design. The magnetic strip used in this knife holder is unyielding. This could be very effectively used to keep sharp objects out of children’s reach. You can use this anywhere ranging from the laundry room, kitchen, office or garage to keep your important tools in place. The built is very good and it sure is going to last you many years.  You will find installing this product very easy as it comes with the installation hardware.  

A good thing about this product is that not only does it help you store your knives in one place, but you can also use it to store other metallic kitchen utensils. It’s very easy to clean it too, you just need a damp cloth. While many other knife holders don’t give you the same performance when you install it on different parts of your kitchen, this product is completely different. I found it working equally well when I installed it on my fridge, my oven or over my cabinet.

Zenware Aluminium Magnetic Knife Block bar strip

The only knife holder in this list which is not made of stainless steel and has an aluminum frame. Made with aluminum, you can expect a lighter build compared to the rest of the knife holders in this list. This definitely doesn’t make this one any less sturdy. It has an equally impressive built quality. I particularly liked the magnetic strip on it which was super strong, but you don’t have to put in extra effort when you have to pull them out. This knife holder is extremely sleek in design and looks stylish. Apart from your knives, you can also mount other household metal utensils on it. The installation is also pretty easy, it took me hardly 10 minutes to mount this whole thing up. Rocking a 17.5” long aluminum frame, this product is considerably bigger than any other product in this list. Hence, it gives you extra space to store your things. This too,  like some of the other products in this list, gives you the freedom of installing it anywhere you want, providing the same performance.

What to Look for While Buying ?

Knife holders are a key part of your kitchen, and there are a few important factors you need to look for before buying that perfect one. I have always preferred my knife holder oversized, it helps me in keeping all my knives at one place. This also saves me from buying multiple holders. I have also found holders which could be mounted on various places be very useful. Always go for steel or aluminum holders which not only provide a sturdy built but are also rust resistant and will also increase the lifespan of that holder.  One more advice that I would like to give that we should always look at the product carefully before buying, so that it satisfies all our required criteria. For me, if I can’t use a knife holder to keep every kind of knife I own, I wouldn’t buy that product.

Pros of a Magnetic Knife Holder

A magnetic knife holder keeps your kitchen organized. It helps you keep your drawers and shelves free from any knives. One of the biggest advantages of this is that you never cut your finger trying to take one knife out of the drawer. It also keeps your knives away from the children’s reach. I think this point is pivotal for many families out there. A magnetic holder is preferred over conventional hooks people generally use to hang their knives. It’s not safe to have sharp edges dangling in mid-air, you never know when it gives way to accidents. Another important factor which helps magnetic holders edge out the conventional wooden folders is that the wooden ones are known for absorbing water, which gives rise to bacteria. Hence, using a magnetic knife holder is much more hygienic.                  

Cons of a Magnetic Knife Holder

The main complaint that experts seem to have with these holders is that they appear to dull out the edges of knives over time. The only thing we have to know about this is that we should not put the knives facing backwards inside the holder. This is when most damage is said to be done.  This effect is basically due to saturation magnetism. This is the property of extremely strong magnets like the ones used in the magnetic holders.

To Sum It up

For professional cooks, food lovers and home makers, this product is really a boon. Not only does it save your precious space but also it gives your kitchen a stylish look. In this article, I dived into the concept of magnetic knife holders and gave you suggestions on how to select a good model, reviewed products which you may like. We have always used knives for various purposes, only if there was such a hassle free way of storing them earlier. Now that I have given you some insights into magnetic holders, I hope that this would make it easier for you to shop.

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